Friday, June 3, 2011

Adding a meta data in Theme.xml to Identify a mobile optimized theme [Discussion]

It was a week with understanding how the Themes will be loading from the physical location and creating the weblog internal context.I wanted to add a metadata in Theme.xml to identify that a theme is mobile ready or not.

After discussions in the mailing list we are going have <type></type> in the Theme.xml file.So in mobile version of a theme it will be <type>mobile</type>.This is an interesting suggestion from the community since we will be able to define themes for different type of devices in future. So by defining the correct Template designer can make them available for selective rendering based on the device.

 We need to have a default value for <type> tag and following are the candidates proposed.

1.desktop - (we have ipads and laptops so misleading.)
2.default     (not self explaining the type )
3.html         (There are overlapping with mobile theme as well.)

While i was brainstorming for a good candidate i got ,"standard". You can find on going discussion on the above matter in the mailing list. [0]


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