Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mobile Theme setting up and its Use Cases

Setting Up a Mobile Theme By Weblog admin

An admin can set up a default weblog theme( Desktop theme.) in current weblog creation page.So one additional step with defining a default mobile theme from the available mobile themes collections.(There will be at least one default as i am going to add a  HTML5 mobile Theme for sure.)

So in theme.xml we will be having an additional entry to indicate that the theme is a mobile theme.(Still it is not finalized with the community and will decide soon on the entry.)

How Rendering will pick up the theme.(Changes in the core)

After the recognition of the request coming from a mobile device, in the PageServlet we need to switch from desktop them  to the defined mobile theme for the identified weblog.So in the weblog we will be having a "defaultMobileTheme" attribute which will be set by the weblog admin at the weblog creation.

So we will assign mobile theme using setEditorTheme( ) at the time it looks for the template to render in PageServlet. (So roller will continue same process afterwards , But having a mobile theme is assigned for its editor theme.)

In coming discussions i will be post on the velocity macros we are going to add to Roller to enhance capabilities in Roller mobile themes.

I would like to thank all the users and developers who gave their valuable feedback in Roller dev mailing list and expect further assistance in future.:)

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  1. This sounds cool. Another use case for you - I have an application that's a bit like the iGoogle page. Mobile versions of web sites work very well when added as a gadget to this page (as they also do when added as an iframe to the igoole page). I would love to pull in a mobile version of my Apache based blog into this app too. I guess this would mean not just detecting the mobile browser but supporting explicitly asking for the mobile version of the blog pages too.