Friday, June 10, 2011

1st patch to test the functionality [setting a theme to render it a mobile theme]

I was able to wrap up my work in to a patch [1] and let the developers to test my progress.I hope i will get feedback on this.To test the work following are the instructions.
1.Apply the patch to the trunk
2.copy one of the Themes in themes directory of webapp (lets copy basic and then change the themes.xml as following)

 <author>Roller Weblogger</author>

Please note in the patch i changed the type of fauxcoly to "mobile" so it will recognize as a mobile theme as well.
3. After building Roller run Dev test run and you can define a mobile theme at weblog creation time.

4.After that try to view the weblog from desktop as well as a mobile emulator (opera mobile emulator). so it will render your defined theme for mobile when you try to view through mobile emulator.


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