Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to render mobile theme. [Discussion]

This will be interesting an decision to make .After discussion with Dave in a weekly project meeting following are the available options we were able to figure out.
  • Use different weblog,search ,tags and entry pages for each template. [complex to maintain and handle]
  • Use a one default mobile theme for all desktop theme. [ more restricted to a developer]
  • Use different mobile theme for each desktop theme. [preferred method for the moment]
So the method we chose is to have different set of mobile themes which can be added separately and specially add a metadata it as a mobile theme.So at the weblog creation user can define one of the mobile themes as the preferred mobile theme to render.I am still evaluating the options and different approaches so the most suitable and maintainable method will be implemented.

Below is a simple view of how rendering is to happen with Roller mobile.


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