Friday, August 19, 2011

Roller Mobile Themes are popping up in your mobile device.!!!

So the new mobile appearance of Roller coming into action.I believe all the Roller users will be please to hear this news.I was able to commit a basic sample mobile theme which is mobile friendly to view and it is supported by newly designed roller mobile rendering platform.You do not have go to additional URLs to view mobile version.Just view in a mobile device it will render the mobile version of templates.

Yes the current mobile theme is at its early childhood, But the platform enables users to add their mobile themes into the system very easily.My theme just an example to illustrate and test the platform. You can edit your mobile templates when you customize your theme or add new templates for shared themes.

Here are some of the screenshot of my theme design.These screenshot were taken using nook color which has android OS. [I am not an expert in theme designing but JQuery was powerful enough to assist me in that task within a very short time.]

1.Home Page

2.Entry Page

3.Search Result page