Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weblog and Theme Association with types [Design Change]

After the review of Dave's excellent feedback i was redesigning the things implemented which would make things easier to develop the mobile rendering infrastructure.Actually those suggestion would become handy when a new type is introduced in the future.You can see the complete midterm feedback here.[1]

WeblogThemeAssoc is added to Roller Business module which will keep track of WeblogTheme and its associated types.This class is persisted through JPA and has the following table.

create table rol_weblogtheme (
    id              varchar(48)  not null primary key,
    weblogid varchar(48) not null,    
    name            varchar(255)  not null,
    custom          $db.BOOLEAN_SQL_TYPE_FALSE not null,
    #columnNotNullWithDefault('type' 'varchar(16)' 'standard')

I have added following method to WeblogManager which is implemented in JPAWeblogManagerImpl.
public WeblogThemeAssoc getThemeAssoc(Weblog weblog , String type) throws WebloggerException;

public void saveThemeAssoc(WeblogThemeAssoc themeAssoc) throws WebloggerException;


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